How To Increase Breast Size Naturally Without Surgery

Dreaming of having larger and firmer breasts? I’ll show you how to can increase breast size 100% naturally without surgery in just 3 simple and easy steps.

how to get firmer and fuller breastsAlmost every woman gives extra attention to body care, most of us have a strong desire to have bigger and firmer breasts. The shocking study reveals that desire to have large breasts starts at about the age of 15 and that the cost and risk of breast enlargement surgery leaves most of the girls unhappy and anxious.

Being not satisfied with your body can have deep negative psychological impact on self confidence and behavior. Every body acts differently when a foreign substance is inserted, in this case a breast implant. I’ll help you understand how to increase breast size naturally without exposing yourself to any sort of risk or danger.

So, is there a 100% natural way of enhancing breast size that doesn’t involve undergoing „The knife“ and that can be done from the comfort of your home? The answer might surprise you!

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First of all…

What cup size do you aim for? What is your goal?

By now you’ve probably set your cup size goal, but is it realistic? Does it need to be that large?

Yes men like breasts, but more than big breasts they like proportioned body (excluding some weird fetishes). Now, maybe you are telling yourself that you don’t want to enhance breasts because of what men want. But let’s be honest, breast size has a major influence on how most of women see and respect themselves in public. Every part of the body only stands out if it’s not proportioned, so do the breasts.

In general, whether you want to insert implants or you want bigger breasts without surgery, don’t set your goal of cup size too high. Big breasts might cause some health issues such as back pain (especially after the age of 40), extra pressure on the spine, skin problems because of the large bra straps, possible weight gain because of the limited physical activities, breath problems and stress.

What can you expect – how large can they grow?

Basically the rule is simple.

Extreme unnatural sizes can only be achieved with breast implants and risky surgery. Although these days surgeries are less riskier than they used to be, there are still some risks. Some can be even fatal. Also, spending huge amount of money and going through excruciating pain isn’t worth it. Not to mention that breast implants must be removed or changed some day in the future. And if you decide to remove breast implants it will cost you additional money, which includes taking the same risk over again.

Natural and noticeable results can be definitely achieved with the right combination of supplements, exercises, massages and creams. Plus I am going to give you some illusion tricks that can instantly make your breast look larger.


Changing your body in general

Basically there are 3 ways to change your body:

  1. You can start eating differently by changing your nutrition and food intake
  2. You can buy some necessary equipment and start exercising
  3. Or you can let the surgeon change your body (very costly and RISKY)

In this article you’re not going to read about surgery whatsoever (if you are ready to take the risk read more about breast implants here).

4 EFFECTIVE ways to increase your breast size naturally

Some of these will make a huge impact on how your body looks , but also some of them won’t.

With a nutrition change ( + supplements) and/or exercise you almost have nothing to lose. Plus the results are here to stay and you won’t have to worry about a decrease in breast size ever.

If you are strongly considering going under the knife, I would warmly advise you to first dedicate a few months before talking to your surgeon to try a nutrition change and supplements. If done the right way with right equipment and supplements you can expect a noticeable increase.

First you need to understand what is the main component of breasts and what makes them grow

breast-anatomyBreasts grow when you are in puberty (the growth stops at about the age of 19) and the main cause of breast growth is FAT. During the puberty the ovaries stimulate the production of estrogen. Estrogen is an important sex hormone and a steroid compound. Estrogen makes the fat stay in this particular part of body.

There are surgical solutions that can transfer fat from other parts of the body to breasts, but it hasn’t been shown to have long term results. Breasts stop increasing when they reach adult size. So changing your nutrition to include food that contains more estrogen and phytoestrogen is a smart solution.


Supplements are the most effective and proven way of increasing breast size naturally. There are literally hundreds of them. Some of them are:  brestrogen, pueraria mirifica, natural curves, naturaful, grobust, bustmaxx, bust boom, bountiful breast, biotech natural curves.

I have tried several programs and pills, and the one that got me the most noticeable results is Breast Actives, you can read my personal review here.
In general, supplements are in form of pills which contain herb extracts that have shown to have impact on breast boosting. Some of those herbs are:
Also, often supplements are taken in conjunction with creams with puerira mirifica extract.


This is the most rewarding way of stimulating breast growth and development. In traditional medicines such as Ayurveda, breast massage is a regular daily activity of women’s breast health. In combination with some quality cold-pressed organic oils or some beautiful essential oils you can afford yourself a nice relaxing treatment that will stimulate blood circulation within the breast tissue.

Also it can help you with detoxification, breast soreness, prolonged pleasure and it can promote a healthy lymphatic flow. Because of the better blood circulation to your breasts, massage is a great way that should be included with other methods of breast enhancements. Doing only breast massages won’t get you significant results.


One of the main substances that is responsible for breast growth is estrogen. Herbs such as: Fenugreek, Fennel, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion, Kelp, Watercress, L-Tyrosine are rich in estrogen. Unfortunately they cant be bought in other form except in form of supplement.

But before you start increasing your estrogen intake levels, you need to know that too much estrogen can cause estrogen dominance which could end up in breast cancer and too little estrogen could cause hormone imbalance. Check out the list of estrogen and phytoestrogen rich food that increase breast size and that you can buy at your local store.


There are some exercises that you can do at comfort of your home, but if done alone there are not as nearly effective as changing your nutrition and taking supplements. Regular exercise can strengthen up your pectoral (chest) muscles underneath the breast tissue, which will make them look bigger and firmer. Great way to shape and tone your bust.

Check out the TOP 10 most effective breast exercises that you can do from your home. Exercises should be performed 3-4 times a week for at least 15 minutes. Of course you can increase the intensity of workouts depending of your current physical strength.

Illusion tricks  – instant visual increase!

Trick #1

Believe it or not, over 80% of women wear wrong bra size. By wearing a bra that fits you perfectly you can visually make your breasts look bigger . Too small bra will obviously make your breasts look small, and wearing too large bra can make your breasts hang loosely.

How to measure bra size? Find your perfect size

Measuring bra size is FAR easier than most women think. Just follow these tips:

- The bra should be hooked in the place where you feel most comfortable, and it should not irritate or chafe your skin.
- Piece of the bra band that is located between your cups must sit flat against your chest
- Beneath your armpits, there must not be any breast tissue spilling out of your bra
- You should be able to put two fingers under the band
- Wear your bra to the tightest hook only if that’s how it fits best
- Never let your band ride up your back while you walk.
- Some tops can make your breasts appear smaller than they actually are. Try not to wear same style bra along with different tops
- Don’t focus on your cup size, concentrate on your band width.

Trick #2

This one is easier! Try keeping your head up higher and shoulders back while walking. This little trick will keep breasts higher and visually bigger.  Also, it will drastically increase the whole image.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall to sum it up, there are solutions other than surgical procedures that can quickly and effectively increase your breast size. The combo of supplements, changes in nutrition, exercises and massages will gradually increase bust size and the results will remain for a long period of time.

I hope you are enjoying learning about natural ways of increasing breasts and I sincerely suggest you to check out this proven 3-step program that helped me enhance breasts from cup 36B to a 36D.  Read my personal review here, where I explain in detail how i did it, and you can too.


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Written by Sophia Webb